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Metcor360 is the leading manufacturer of
banking, hospitality and contract lobby furnishings.

We consistently produce the highest quality designer bank lobby furnishings, offer competitive pricing and deliver within or sooner than quoted lead times. Our products measurements, components and finishes are easily customized or modified to suit your design needs. That's why our banking furnishings and equipment designs have been specified nationally and globally since 1962!

For over 50 years, Metcor360 has been helping you meet your design and architectural objectives. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of excellence from the moment you begin your engagement with us. Our “Design Your Own” philosophy throughout our collections continues to allow design and architectural teams to make their custom concepts a reality. We have met and exceeded expectations over the years, and look forward to doing the same for you.

Metcor360 manufactures Checkstands, Center Pieces, Security Pens, Stanchions, Trash Receptacles, Display Stands, Planters and Containers for Bank Lobbies, Offices and Retail Establishments. We can manufacture all of our metal products with any of the finishes listed on the right side of this page and in our Finishes Gallery. We also work with wood, stone and marble.

We work with new, remodeling and renovation projects. Talk to our design team about your project's design and architectural specifications. We will exceed your expectations with our price, quality and time to delivery.

We're Great at making You Look Great.

Does Your Project Require Custom Furnishings and Equipment?

Metcor360 is the industry leader in bank and business custom design and architectural furnishings and equipment.  Our custom finishes are the most durable and best looking in the business.

Metcor360, has helped architects and designers of bank lobbies and retail locations for more than twenty years. Our fabrication facility can quickly create any fixture that you can describe and give it polished, antique, satin or any other finish that you require. Because we make everything right here in Los Angeles, we can also deliver your order to your location quicker than out-of-town suppliers. Finally, it is our goal to provide you with excellent customer service. As such, we are available to speak with you during the entire design and fabrication process. We are only a phone call or an email away!

This large selection of crowd control posts makes us a great preference for all audience manipulation needs. These crowd control posts are very durable in order to stand up against the rowdiest of audiences. All of the poles are crafted from very solid metal material with a variety of polished and satin finishes. Choose the crowd control stanchions that best complement the needs of a specific business or event. For example, traditional pole and control ropes models are optimal for museums or other upscale environments. There are a variety of different options for portable poles and adjustable models. If layouts need to be re-configured often to adapt to different events, users may want to invest in the Economy or Deluxe retractable belt crowd control posts. Portable and stationary models are just one of the many specialty items currently available. These sets come with many different color poles and control ropes. Sleek black, silver, and gold polished or satin metal finishes on poles designed to control the situation while maintaining elegant decor. Blue, red, gray, and black ropes also add to the overall environment. This is a real company with live people and live inventories! This site is more than a web broker; it is the number one source for crowd control posts.

Any of our metal products can be made with polished, satin, antique or any other finish listed on the right side of this page or in the Finishes Gallery. If you don't see the finish that you need for your design, just call and tell us what you are looking for. We can probably make any of the finishes that you are thinking of.