Stanchions (Bank, Metal, Crowd Control etc)

A stanchion is a pole used to support different types of objects. Stanchions are used for different purposes and can be used in various industries. The main use of stanchion is for crowd control management. A stanchion acts as a barrier between the area and the people who are waiting and intend to enter the area. Think of a crowd in Starbucks or in a bank, a Stanchion controls the crowd.

There are many industries that require the use of stanchions like banks, restaurants, museums, night clubs, stores, parking lots, and boating areas are the places that normally employ stanchions as they deal with lines of people. Stanchions provide safety and organizational factors that these places often require. There are many kinds of stanchions and we have a wide array of stanchions for sale.

Stanchions consist of two parts: bar and retractable belt. Bar has a main body and the topper which usually is a sign holder directing a crowd. Bar comes in multiple materials: metals and plastic. Metal stanchions include stainless steel, brass and chrome. Plastic products has a lower value and price thus they are used for unexpected occasions when the company considers stanchions for one-time use. A lower part of stanchion is a base plate which is a post holding the whole body.

Retractable belt is a connecting rope of stanchion poles. Belt has two main functions, it creates a connected line of bars and if it is made of sturdy material can act as a handrail. Besides sturdy materials, stanchion ropes are usually made of velvet.

Check Writing Stands For The Banking / Financial Industries

Check writing stands are found in business areas (mostly banks, supermarkets, grocery stores etc.). It is a place for point of sale and it plays a huge role in closing a deal. Having a high quality checkstand is one of the must-haves for respectable business.

Metcor360 offers a wide selection of checkstands to its customers. Along with checkstands, Metcor360 offers checkstand accessories including security pens that are fixed with chain to the check writing stands. Security pen eliminates a possibility to lose a pen.

Metcor360 serves a wide array of industries for all check writing stands and stanchions that are used for crowd control management. Our stanchions can be used with ropes and are made of brass, metal, baseplates, handrails, stanchion toppers, safety, boating / yachting industries and even used for red carpet events!